Starting from ages 6 years plus, our Martial Art classes are fun and engaging. Every pupil is encouraged to progress their skills to their maximum individual ability. We recognise that each child is different and our classes are structured with this ethos in mind.

A typical class begins with meditation to clear our minds, the breathing technique we employ energises the student and helps them focus on the lesson.

Our thorough warm up is designed to increase the blood flow throughout the body, raise the core body temperature and prepare the student mentally. Avoiding injury is paramount.

We practice basic technical movements with no resistance to get the right structure and timing before moving onto actual pressure testing with a partner.

We dedicate a portion of class to building the fitness that is required in physical confrontation. Fitness enables us to be at our best when under the pressure of attack, a body that is well conditioned is more robust. A healthy efficient body allows for an agile and quick thinking mind.

Partner Drills are a paramount part of our training. To achieve proficiency in dealing with habitual acts of physical violence it is a prerequisite that all students face different shapes and sizes. The technique for escaping a front underarm bear hug for instance will have a basic principle to follow yet in execution the student may find obstacles. At this point the student is truly discovering their strengths and limitations while practising in a controlled manner in a safe environment.

Form/Kata/Hyung is pre arranged movements that enable the student to practice a solo re-enactment of a self defence scenario. Our students begin learning basic forms which consist of 20 moves. As the student develops through the grading and belt system the Forms/Katas/Hyungs develop (with intensity) simultaneously.

Groundwork Pins/Break falling is regularly practised as it is imperative we learn how to safely negotiate falling trips and tumbling. Many of the falls taken show the student how to turn a fall into a quick recovery as well as showing the effectiveness of a decent take down. Pinning techniques teach the students how to control a downed opponent.

We have many forms of sparring but generally we maintain minimal contact while exchanging kicks and punches although we will make contact once distance is closed and we are progressing to the grappling phase of fighting. We incorporate wrestling as a means of conditioning. Our students benefit from learning the skills required to be competent when on the ground or being grappled.

Before our final closing meditation we undertake some cool down exercises at the end of the class that help to remove the lactic acid build up in the muscles and reduce the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). At this stage we may do some additional stretching before we end the class.






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