Martial Arts in Schools

Our structured, all-inclusive martial art training has been proven to transform the lives of children. With classes designed to develop strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility all while students learn new skills and self-defence techniques, there is no other type of sport training that compares.

With schools playing such a vital role in promoting a physically active lifestyle, appropriate extracurricular sports training needs to be made available for pupils to access.

When discussing sport in school, The NHS and Government guidelines advise that children and young people aged between 5-18 need (at least!) 60 minutes of exercise a day to maintain good health.  Additionally, at least twice a week all children and young people should take part in activities that help to develop muscular strength, flexibility and bone health.

How Can We Help?

By introducing Universal Method Martial Arts at your school, your pupils would benefit from the amazing and transformative power of this top-quality martial art training. Our structured training provides students with a pathway to becoming healthier, stronger and more confident, whilst upholding the art of discipline and respect. Benefits are gained from the aerobic and anaerobic nature of our exercises which also stimulates the nervous system. Teachers and parents alike agree that our style of training attributes to a number of positive long-term health and lifestyle benefits.

A Typical Lesson Consists Of:

  • Introduction Meditation
  • Warm Up
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Self Defence/ Partner Training
  • Kata Training
  • Sparring
  • Mat Work/Breakfalls
  • Pad Work
  • Cool Down
  • Closing Meditation

Our Students Learn:

  • To improve their reaction and listening skills
  • Develop coordination and motor skills
  • Learn self control and the art of good decision making
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Improve the cardiovascular system/muscular strength
  • Increase self esteem by working to earn their next belt
  • Learn the importance of respect
  • Understand the importance of discipline


Our breakfast clubs are held within the school and usually start at 8am, giving students a head start on their scholastic day.

Our after-school clubs are a fantastic way for students to end the school day. Giving them time to be active in a progressive manner within safe and familiar surroundings.
We aim to give students back the freedom to physically express themselves. A place where their mind, body and awareness is developed.

Every student is important to us, we create an environment that benefits all types of children from the alpha student who finds most things easy to the more introverted child who rarely gets exposed to sport.

All students work towards achieving our Universal Method Martial Arts “STUDENT OF THE TERM” Trophy. This is based on attendance, punctuality, retention of techniques, good behaviour and commitment to training properly.

We work with a growing number of schools throughout Greater London, delivering fun, engaging, challenging Martial Art Lessons. We are keen to talk to any new schools that would be interested in including Universal Method Martial Arts as part of their breakfast or after school club.

If you are looking to introduce Martial Arts to your school, would like to discuss our classes in more detail or looking to arrange a free school trial session then please contact us


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